Whilst Nicaragua is the largest of the Central America countries, it is not nearly visited as much as its more famous neighbors, although this is bound to change in the coming years. It is land of fuming Volcanoes, lush rain forests and peaceful likes interrupted by stunning examples of old colonial towns and all intertwined with a wonderful people dealing with the heavy weight of a past full of political turmoil.

If you are visiting Nicaragua it is hard to ignore the calm lapping waters of the Volcanic Island of Ometepe, rising out of Lake Nicaragua, The colonial towns of Grenada and Leon, both steeped in their own individual histories, the tropical shores of the Rio San Juan and the beaches from the Pacific coast all the way over to the Caribbean Corn Islands. Even with all of this beauty, if you keep scratch beneath the surface you will find the people of Nicaragua eager to open your eyes to a country that has only started to show the world what if can offer.

Suggested Holiday Ideas

14 Days: From £1995 per person

Leon - Esteli- Lago Apoyo - Masaya - Grenada - Ometepe Island - San Juan Del Sur

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14 Days: From £2040 per person

Lago Apoyo - Grenada - Isletas - Leon - Matagalpa - Esteli - Leon

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14 Days: From £1895 per person

Matagalpa - Esteli - Leon - Grenada - Ometepe Island - Masya - Apoyo Lagoon

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Mini Experiences

These unique short trips and one day tours could make your holiday even better! They can be added into any itinerary and are designed to help you further explore the cultural, natural and social diversity of Nicaragua.

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