What We Do For You

Put simply, we will create a itinerary that covers all the things you want to do and see, in the style you want, then suggest some further ideas for responsible experiences that will elevate your holiday from a great trip to something truly unforgettable.

We’ve worked hard on the suggested holidays you’ll find on this website, to make sure they include a good balance and mix of things and leave you feeling like you’ve got the most out of your visit. We have a huge range of activities we can offer and hotels of different price and comfort levels, so we can really adapt these itineraries to your requirements. If you don’t see something you like, just ask!

We know that there are certain highlights that no one wants to miss, like exploring Angkor Wat, meeting elephants and sloths, visiting indigenous markets or peering into an active volcano. While these aren’t unique tours you won’t find anywhere else, we’ve hunted high and low to find the most responsible people to work with, so you’ll often get a different perspective and have a better overall experience, as well as supporting alternatives to mass tourism. You’re more likely to spend your time listening to intriguing local stories than jostling for space amongst selfie-sticks...

Where we come into our own though, is in our carefully-chosen and often unique experiences. We will help you go beyond the tourism clichés and give you a more memorable and fulfilling holiday, by engaging with local people and visiting more out of the way places. It could be anything from getting an insider’s view of the Inca Trail by staying with your porter’s family, to cycling around the lesser-visited parts of the Mekong Delta and stopping to taste tropical fruits straight from a farmer’s orchard.

We strongly believe that it’s because these experiences are responsible that they bring an extra dimension to your holiday. By nature they tend to be more unique, more local and more sustainable and leave you with an insight into the country that’s both inspiring and unforgettable.

Why Choose Us

With over twenty years’ experience of creating tailor-made holidays between us, we know that ethical travel doesn’t have to mean compromising on standards or comfort. We understand that you want to enjoy your hard-earned break, so we take care of you every step of the way, from expert advice before your trip to 24-hour support while you are away.

A holiday with the Beyond Tourism Co. offers you:

In-depth knowledge: we specifically chose not to offer the whole world, but to concentrate on countries we know extremely well and are absolutely passionate about. For example Simon has been to Thailand 7 times (including getting married there) and he is not even considered the Thailand expert!

Personalised service: we completely get that choosing the right holiday is a big decision and as founders of a small company, we enjoy having a personal connection to all of our customers. We will never rush you into a decision and will always take the time to ensure you get the experience that’s right for you.

Flexible pricing: tailor-made travel doesn't have to be anywhere near as expensive as some will lead you to believe. We can create a special and memorable holiday for you, whether it’s a luxury escape or the trip of a lifetime on a tight budget.

Inspiring experiences: that help you connect with country and the people that live there. We've worked hard to uncover lots of responsible activities that would be difficult to find yourself and that will take you completely away from the everyday and give you memories to cherish.