Medellin Graffiti Tour

Medellin is maybe the best city in the world to experience the transformation Colombia has been through. Once the stronghold of Pablo Escobar, you will explore the locations that best represent the social change that has taken place in Medellin since the 1980s, from one of the most dangerous cities in the world to the vibrant, modern city you find today whilst learning about all the many projects that fostered the city’s change.

The experience starts by exploring Pablo Escobar's old district known locally as “Medellín sin Tugurios”.  Here you will see around 700 homes he donated to the poor for the support and in exchange for being allowed to foster the violent culture he became so well known for. Move through the city to Santo Domingo Savio, which used to be one of the most unsafe suburbs of the city.  Located some 7km from the centre, it is a clear example of the social transformation that has taken place in the last few years. Here you will experience the city's famous metro cable (cable car) that joins the area to the city centre and which has been a life changing development for many of the residents of Medellin. Santo Domingo Savio also houses the Biblioteca España Park, one of a series of regeneration projects that helped transform the urban, social and cultural landscape of Medellín. The library is a space of social inclusion, cohabitation and access to a world of information along with a mural painted by the local inhabitants in commemoration of the victims of the violent past, symbolized by a new birth for everybody.

The fascinating experiences keep coming as you visit the final area on this tour, Comuna 13. Here you will witness and learn about the local graffiti art, guided by some of the local artists themselves. It will give you an insight on history and daily life in this area and the importance of street art for social communication and identity.