Bogota for Foodies

This experience is a true cultural immersion as you explore the historical centre of Bogota, La Candelaria, on a culinary journey. You will visit three different locations over ten blocks eating in La Candelaria's most traditional restaurant, learning coffee from the experts and cooking a meal that holds incredible importance to the people of this amazing city.

Today is all about discovering Colombia through your taste buds. Your culinary journey starts with a typical breakfast surrounded by history in one of the most traditional restaurants in Bogota. If breakfast made you feel a little lethargic, that will all be sorted out as next up is a coffee tasting session with a local expert. Coffee and Colombia are synonymous with each other so any food tour has to include coffee, even though it is not technically a food!

Then it's on to the main event of the day. Joined by a local professional chef you will learn how to make ajiaco, a delicious stew based around chicken and potatoes. This is not just local to Colombia, it's specifically from Bogota, so it is a perfect dish for you to create. The day ends in perfect style as you sit down for dessert, joined by the chef and team behind the tour, giving you the chance to learn all about Bogota and the importance of food to its residents.