The October half term holidays will be here before you know it! And as the sun starts to fade and the days get shorter, what better way to extend your family’s summer than with a far-flung family adventure? From Caribbean coastlines to elephant adventures, here’s our round-up of where to go in October half term.


Despite October being a relatively wet month for Thailand, the temperatures do start to cool, the humidity begins to drop and the rainy days tend to ease off at this time of year in Bangkok and Chiang Mai – making it a good time to visit both of these cities and surrounding areas. Plus, rainfall in Thailand usually occurs in the afternoons and it doesn’t last long. Phew! Just be sure to pack a good waterproof – and a flexible attitude! 

October Half Term Holidays Beyond Tourism

Why not start by whisking your family off on an exploration of Bangkok’s must-see attractions? Our immersive Bangkok experience will give you a fascinating insight into the city’s history and the modern way of life. Feeling foodie? Why not have a go at channelling your inner chef as you try your hand at preparing delicious Thai food in a peaceful countryside on the outskirts of Chiang Mai city? Meeting elephants is another popular reason to visit Thailand and definitely something you won’t forget in a hurry. During our responsibly-run overnight trip, you can encounter elephants up close. 


Technically the shoulder season in Ecuador, October is a great time to visit. The weather is usually pretty good at this time of year, save for the occasional downpour. Temperatures are cooler, too, as the winter season approaches. This makes for pleasant adventures – especially in the highlands. With tourist numbers at a lower level at this time of year, too, it’s easier to secure accommodation without booking months in advance.

A Group Of People White Water Rafting In Ecuador

We designed our Ecuador Adventure itinerary to help you and your family get up close to the natural beauty of Ecuador in a range of exciting and eco-friendly ways. From mountain biking down a volcano and taking a motorised canoe into the Amazon, to jungle hikes and white water rafting down 2 thrilling rivers, we think this trip is perfect for adventurous souls.


October is technically Colombia’s shoulder season, so you can expect lower airfares and fewer crowds, too – bonus! In Medellín, the springlike weather is ever-present, while southern Cali’s balmy savanna climate stays unchanged, and the Caribbean coastline is humid and hot. If you visit the capital city, though, you can expect more wet weather. This is because, besides April, October is the peak month of Bogotá’s wet season. But, if you arrive here late enough in the month, you might miss the heaviest of the downfalls. 

Colombia Beach

Our 11 day Cultural Colombia itinerary will help you get to know the people, history and culture that make this country so special. From colonial towns and indigenous communities to coffee covered slopes and turquoise blue waters of the Caribbean.


In Peru, spring begins in October – so be prepared for a mixture of wet and dry weather. Though conditions at this time of year are more variable, you’ll find pockets of great weather – without the peak season crowds. Visit Cusco and the Sacred Valley, and you won’t have to fight off the tourist throngs as you wander the cobbled streets. 

October Half Term Holidays Beyond Tourism

October is also one of the last great months of the year to visit the Amazon. At this time, travel is easy due to low water levels, and the wildlife is usually active in their search for water. If you’re travelling with older kids or teens, Peru is ideal. Our flexible 2-week Peru itinerary focuses on two of the country’s best-loved spots, the Sacred Valley and Amazon Jungle. Your travels will be all the more enriched with the knowledge of local guides and indigenous communities who’ll help you get deeper into the culture and natural beauty of this incredible destination.

Costa Rica

Take the kids on our flexible 8-day Costa Rica itinerary to sample the delights of Costa Rica’s Caribbean coast, from Tortuguero’s lush river-filled forests and turtle hatching grounds, to the beautiful beaches of Cahuita and a visit to the indigenous Bribri community. Why not have a go at some white water rafting while you’re there? Now that’s what we call a half term adventure!

Colourful Frog On Plant

Want to plan an unforgettable family holiday for October half term or beyond? Our trips will give you the freedom to explore and have fun, in a safe but adventurous way. See more family-friendly travel experiences and get in touch to start planning your next family adventure.