Whilst Belize is the only English speaking country in Central America it is also a true melting pot of wonderful cultures. In your travels through this incredible country you will hear Kriol, Spanish, Garifuna and Maya spoken in different districts. Meeting some of these different communities will also give you a fascinating insight into how so may cultures ended up inhabiting such a small country. On the mainland Belize offers jungles filled with incredible numbers of birds and strewn with ancient Mayan ruins, cave systems with crystal clear rivers taking you deep under ground and amazing wildlife almost every where you look. The food is also spectacular, whether you are trying the fried fish of the Garifuna, or the Chocolate of the Mayans, it is a real treat for any visitors.

Belize also offers a spectacular coastline along the Caribbean including multiple offshore sandy cayes and atolls. Crystal clear water and vicbrant coral along one of the best kept and longest reefs in the world makes for some spectacular interactions with the Turtles, sharks and rays that call this marine paradise home.

Suggested Holiday Ideas

14 Days: From £1995 per person 

Activities: Wildlife - Caving - Garifuna and Mayan Communities - Chocolate- Beach - Snorkeling 

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10 Days: From £1200pp

Hopkins - Garifuna and Mayan Communities - Lodge at Big Falls - Birds - Placencia - Snorkelling 

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Ancient Mayans & Barrier Reefs

10 Days: From £1200 pp

San Ignacio - Caving - Tikal - Yaxha - Caye Caulker - Hol Chan MArine Reserve Snorkelling

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Mini Experiences

These unique short trips and one day tours could make your holiday even better! They  can be added into any itinerary and are designed to help you further explore the cultural, natural and social diversity of Peru

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