2-Day Cultural Experience

Lake Titicaca is one the most stunning lakes in the world and a must see for the majority of visitors to Peru. We believe a Lake Titicaca homestay experience is the best way to get immersed in lakeside life, by staying with a local family, learning about the communities and cultures that call Titicaca home. It is also important to travel a little further that most other tourists, giving you a chance to experience an authentic culture. The Amantani Experience is perfect for those wanting to see a different side to Lake Titicaca whilst also still experiencing the classic floating reed island of Uros and the Island of Taquile.

Because of a more distant location, tourism on the island of Amantani has not developed in the same way as on other, more popular islands. The main difference is that home-stays here have remained a more authentic cultural experience. For years, the local people from Amantani have been struggling to receive  proper treatment and payment from travel agencies. Our Amantani Experience helps them to receive a fair payment for everything they provide.

Day 1: On the way to Amantani island you will visit the famous floating reed islands of Uros, getting a feel for the waterbed like structure, before taking the boat further on to Amantani Island. After about 3hrs you will get your first glimpse of Amantani Island which will most likely involve various local families coming down the hill to greet you on the beach.

You will spend a wonderful afternoon, evening and morning with your family, learning all about their lives and culture.

Day 2: After Breakfast on the second day you will say goodbye to your family and start your journey back to Puno by boat. On your way you will visit the island of Taquile. On arrival onto Taquile Island a long path gradually ascending will take you to the local village where you will visit the communal cooperative. You will have a magnificent lunch with some of the most amazing views you are likely to have on your whole trip! You will return to Puno for the evening. (B)

Your Local Impact

Amantani is a a great example of how a community can benefit from homestays. Firstly stays in the community are rotated so that each participating family gets a fare share of the profits brought into the island by tourism. Secondly the home stay service is managed and run by the Amantani islanders, so all income generated by your stay benefits the entire community, allowing them to preserve their traditional way of life based on farming, fishing and weaving.

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