Volcano Boarding

This has to be one of the most extreme (and fun) experiences we offer. You may have hiked up a volcano before, you might have even seen similar views to the ones you will see from the top of Cerro Negro volcano, however have you ever boarded down that same volcano?

When Nicaragua’s youngest volcano, Cerro Negro last erupted in 1999, boulders from the crater lay strewn across the western slopes. On the eastern slopes the erupton and wind deposited a thick covering of ash, providing the birth place of rather crazy idea, Volcano Boarding!The experience starts with an off-road transfer from Leon city, followed by a one-hour hike to the top of the Cerro Negro volcano and the incredible views on offer. On the way up, your guide will shed light on the history of the volcano, its geology and tell you all about the main crater and surrounding lava fields.At the summit you will slip into orange jumpsuits and safety goggles and take a quick lesson on manoeuvring the board. You will ten launch yourself over the edge, accelerating as the incline steepens.