3-Day Wildlife Experience

Explore the hidden world of The Guacamayas Biological Station and its abundant wildlife. Nestled in the jungle a boat's ride away from the Mayan ruins of Tikal, this scientific research centre is a wonderful place from which to explore the largest wetlands in central America, home to a huge variety of species including jaguars, tapirs and scarlet macaws among others. Get ready for a true Guatemala wildlife experience!

Guyacamas offers wildlife watching and archaeology experiences, as well as assisting in conservation of local flora and fauna in the Parque Nacional Laguna del Tigre. Overlooking a broad lazy river, it's a splendidly isolated spot equipped with comfortable, ecofriendly accommodation in several thatched-roof houses and surrounded by wetlands that are home to abundant wildlife such as jaguars, tapirs and scarlet macaws. The 15 rooms are semi-luxurious jungle affairs featuring bamboo-frame beds, mahogany furniture, screened picture windows and porches overlooking the river. A separate building contains the comedor (dining hall), where delicious healthy meals are prepared.

One day birding experiences are aimed at spotting colourful macaws, as well as more than 300 other avian species found in and around the reserve, including red-capped manakin, red-legged honeycreeper and long-tailed hermit. Two and three day tours include visiting the archaeological site of El Perú, 20 minutes west down the Río San Pedro and night time observation of the endemic Morelet's crocodile, along with the chance to fish for the renowned pescado blanco (white fish). Volunteering (min. 2 weeks) is also possible, with the chance to contribute to infrastructure, maintain trails, cultivate the butterfly garden or support environmental education projects among the Q'eqchi' community in Paso Caballos.

Your Local Impact

The mission of Estación Biológica Las Guacamayas (EBG) is to conserve of the natural resources and cultural heritage of the southeastern area of the Laguna Del Tigre National Park, within the Mayan Biosphere Reserve. Their main areas of focus are: conservation, biological research, community development and environmentally and socially responsible tourism.  This approach is based upon the principles of social and environmental responsibility, through protecting and conserving natural and cultural resources in this important rainforest, as well as expanding economic alternatives for neighbouring communities.

Holidays That Can Include This Experience

11 Days: From £1500 per person 

Antigua – Chichicastenango – Lake Atitlan – Coban – Semuc Champey – Yaxha – Tikal

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8 Days: From £995 per person

Antigua Guatemala – Chichicastenango – Lake Atitlan – Yaxha – Tikal – Ixpanpajul

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14 Days: From £2400 per person

Antigua Guatemala – Chichicastenango – Lake Atitlan – Tikal – San Pedro - Amberis Caye Belize

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