1-Day Cultural Experience

The Secret Gardens of Pijoa is an exquisite experience that blends, culture, tradition and nature in a truly unique way. Spend the day amongst some of the most beautiful  architecture of Colombia, meeting different families living with the town. Join these families for an authentic Pijoa experience, as they show you around their houses and walk you through their incredible gardens.

Pijao is Latin America’s first Slow City or Cittaslow. This means the town is improving the quality of life by actively slowing down its overall pace, something we feel the world could benefit from! This is a town that understands its cultural heritage and is desperate to keep it alive for future generations. In this oasis of calm and  architectural beauty you will visit the homes of four local families and the secrets that lie within. The gardens of these homes, and many others in the town, are home to agricultural treasures: rare flowers and fruits alongside all the ingredients necessary for today’s lunch and home remedies used on a daily basis.

You will explore these beautiful homes and amazing gardens whilst speaking with the families and tasting the traditional drinks made by each family. typical beverage prepared by each family. The experience has a fitting end as you  take a walk around the central square, the most important streets of Pijao’s town.

Holidays That Can Include This Experience

13 Days: From £1600 per person

Bogota - Coffee Region - Hiking - Family-Run Hacienda - Cartagena - Local Culture - Beach Time

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11 Days: From £1750 per person

Bogota - Mhuysqa Community - Villa de Leyva - Medellin - Cartagena

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