1-Day Cultural Experience

Ready for an authentic Colombia coffee experience? During this visit, you will learn all about the coffee making process as well as seeing how local family owned farms are involving sustainable practices into their coffee production. This will of course all be accompanied by some delicious coffee tasting and a typical lunch.

Colombia’s Coffee Region is a magical place of rolling green hills covered in forests and coffee plantations as far as the eye can see. It is also home to some wonderful family owned and managed coffee farms and that have coffee running through their blood. This experience will visit two of these farms giving you the tastiest of insights into such an iconic product. We work with regularly with these two farms, both of which are run by lovely families and both very typical for the area. During your first visit you will have an interactive morning being introduced to the coffee making process, wetting your appetite for the day ahead. You will learn about the bean, how it grows and how these local farmers are getting them form the plant to the coffee cup!

It is then off to meet he second coffee farmer who will share with you an idea of his daily activities that are involved in the coffee process. This farm has an added interest as they are using sustainable methods to keep the line between coffee production and nature conservation finely balanced. You will learn all about his germination, the harvesting process and how the crops are specifically placed and grown to make sure nature can still flourish all around. After your tour around this farm enjoy a typical lunch prepared by the coffee farmer’s wife during which you will have the chance to chat to the family and share stories.

Your Local Impact

Coffee Farmers in Colombia's famous Coffee Region have been using tourism to provide their families with a supplementary income for years now. This tour takes you to two separate local farms that have blended coffee making and tourism seamlessly.

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