The sustainable community-based tourism project 'Cuyaquiwayi' ('Beautiful House' in Quechua) was started by the Mountain Institute in 1999 to provide a sustainable alternative source of income to the inhabitants of Vicos. The project received its first tourists in May 2002 and since then many national and international visitors have been able to experience this unique community first hand. Vicos is an authentic Andean community and previous visitors praise the great hospitality, the chance to connect with their culture and its beautiful surroundings.

A stay with The Vicosinos offers far more than just a place to sleep. Your hosts will take you hiking whilst you learn about medicinal plants. They will welcome you in their homes, bake bread in their adobe oven for you and, snuggled up to the warmth of their chimney, they will tell you ancient myths and legends of their ancestors.

'The Cuyaquihuayi Tourism Project in Vicos started in 2001, when we invited The Mountain Institute to start a sustainable community-based tourism project in our village. This NGO strengthened our capacities in tourism service, guiding, cooking hygienically, social aspects of the project, and so on. The first group of tourists visited our project in May 2002, which was a very special experience for us.

Since then we have received many tourists, who were all enchanted by their stay in our village. With the information on this site we want to show you why a visit to the community of Vicos is so interesting. We would be very glad with your visits, because it means we can help our families and our community to develop. Please stay with us, and let us share our beliefs and way of life with you. Greetings from the Vicosinos.'

To read more about what you can do with the Vicosinos, please see our experience 'Discover the Real Peru'.

  • Location:  
  • Activities: Hiking, mountains, culture, community engagment 
  • Trip Tip: If you do not speak Spanish a guide is recomended 
  • Accommodation: Private Rooms
The Vicosinos Beyond Tourism