The highland area is home to countless markets giving an intricate and enthralling insight into Guatemalan life. Chichicastenango is one of the largest and most famous, situated about an hour north of Lake Atitlán. Hundreds of locals and visitors flock for a bargain buy and there is everything here from souvenirs and clothes to food and household goods.

Right at the heart of the main square and in amongst the vividly coloured textiles and handicrafts is the fascinating church - Iglesia Santo Tomas, Here, local Mayan customs sit comfortably side by side with Catholic tradition as the local Mayan Quiche people have retained their ancient culture and language, even after the arrival of the Catholic Spanish conquistadores. Discover more about our Chichicastenango market experience...

Chichicastenango is home to one of the most important indigenous markets in Latin America - a real feast for the senses, full of colour, sounds and smells, where every Thursday and Sunday the Kʼicheʼ Maya people celebrate their ancient culture. The market has a significance beyond mere commerce as a meeting place for Mayan peoples, while Christian and Mayan devotees at Santo Tomas church fill the air with a mixture of flower scents and incense that turns the experience into a magical moment.

With us you will explore the market with a local guide who will not only show yo the best stalls to buy from, but also guide yo through the historical, religious and cultural importance of this market. Yo will also get a chance to discover the indoor veg market, a riot of lively conversation, color and smells where we suggest pulling up a chair, getting a drink and watching the world pass you buy for a minute.


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11 Days: From £1500 per person 

Antigua – Chichicastenango – Lake Atitlan – Coban – Semuc Champey – Yaxha – Tikal

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8 Days: From £995 per person

Antigua Guatemala – Chichicastenango – Lake Atitlan – Yaxha – Tikal – Ixpanpajul

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14 Days: From £2400 per person

Antigua Guatemala – Chichicastenango – Lake Atitlan – Tikal – San Pedro - Amberis Caye Belize

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