Stibrawpa is an organisation of women that aims to improve the lives of their families, protect natural resources and strengthen indigenous culture. Through years of hard work the women have developed an economy based on cultural ecotourism in the Yorkin River watershed, Costa Rica.

Stibrawpa means “women who make handicrafts” in the native BriBri language. Currently, there are about 40 members in Stibrawpa, both men and women. The positions on the board of directors are and will continually be held by women, and the men are quite happy with that. They hold great respect for the women, for their vision and for their accomplishments, and are happy to be part of the team. Stibrawpa has effectively saved the community’s men from working in the chemical-laden banana plantations through its economic initiatives, including producing organic cocoa and other products and has been developing a thriving tourist lodge called the Casa de las Mujeres.

Stibrawpa now serves as an example for other groups and communities about how women can take leadership roles, how men and women can work together and respect each other's contributions and about how a driven, united group of people can do great things within a community.

You can visit the Casa at Yorkín, a small village located in the Talamanca-Bribri indigenous territory, inland from Cahuita, by dugout canoe along the spectacular Yorkin River. This is one of the best places in Costa Rica to interact with indigenous people, to visit waterfalls and organic plantations and to explore the tropical rainforest and rivers. The waterfalls and the chance to swim at Yorkín River make this a wonderfully relaxing adventure. You will also learn about the Bribri culture and their talks about the Bribri culture are very inspiring!

  • Location: 1 hr drive and boat ride inland from the Southern Caribbean 
  • Activities: Hiking, boat rides, wildlife, community engagement
  • Trip Tip: Staying overnight gives you more time with the Community
  • Accommodation: Private Rooms