In 1991, a group of 15 Palmichal de Acosta residents and members of surrounding communities organised themselves with the aim of protecting the waters and forests of the Nacientes Palmichal river basin, the area traversed by the Negro and Tabarcia Rivers. The goal of the group was to encourage the local population to adopt harmonious conservation and protection practices whilst sustaining their primary way of life, coffee farming.

Thanks to the support of Beneficio Palmichal, ADESSARU was able to acquire 42 hectares of cloud forest at 1500 meters above sea level at the highest point of the basin. This area, which has primarily been used for livestock farming, is now destined to be used for water production and as a refuge for flora and fauna. It will be declared the first Natural Monument in the country, managed by the local municipality of Acosta, the Ministry of Environment and the community. ADESSARU’s objective is to convert the basin into an open air classroom where children, students, teachers and residents can learn about the sustainable use of natural resources and conservation practices and share the basin’s resources through ecotourism. Visitors will also enjoy the beautiful scenery of the primary rainforest and experience first-hand the diverse culture of rural San José, where groups of campesinos from the Huétar ethnic group live together in the Quitirrsí Indigenous Reserve.

You can see this amazing area either as a day visit from San José or by staying overnight at their community-owned lodge. Either way, your visit will include experiencing the life of an authentic rural community, drinking plenty of home grown coffee, filling your stomach with delicious local food and relaxing in some incredibly beautiful surroundings including crystal waters, primary rainforest and a breathtaking variety of plants and animals. Spending time with the residents of Tabarcia and Palmichal will allow you to see another side of San José and discover the quiet, simple, campesino way of life.

  • Location: On the outskirts of San Jose
  • Activities: Hiking, Cooking Classes, Relaxing, Community Engagement
  • Trip Tip: A great alternative to staying in San Jose
  • Accommodation: Private Rooms