Cerro Escondido is a community-run lodge, set up by APSEPALECO, located at the southern end of the Nicoya Peninsula. ASEPALECO is a non-governmental non-profit organization founded in 1991 to develop environmental awareness on the Nicoya peninsula. With this objective, the organisation has promoted environmental education programs and has taken care of the handling and re-use of solid waste as well as recycling. It has also organised campaigns for the reduction of forest fires, for the protection of water sources and the implementation of the Peninsular Biological Corridor.

Through the operation of the Cerro Escondido Lodge in the Karen Mogensen Reserve, ASEPALECO is trying to generate funds for their conservation and education projects. The lodge is a responsible tourism project and so is respectful of the environment, the society and the culture of the area, whilst generating income sources for the communities close to the reserve.

The Karen Mogensen Reserve covers 900 hectares and protects one the richest ecological zones on the peninsula. Attractions of the area include its flora and fauna, the beauty of the landscape and the waterfalls such as the 'Velo de Novia'. It is also important to mention that the sources of most of the rivers of the peninsula are in this Reserve. Some of the most significant tree species of the reserve are Tempisque, Cachimbo, Ron Ron, Medlar, Cocobolo, Jatoba, Breadnut, Sura, Mahogany and Cedar but Espavel, Earpod, Cenizaro, Guácimo and others are also abundant. These trees are of great importance as they offer refuge and food to mammals and birds in danger of extinction. There are also many species of orchids, epiphytes and palm trees.

We can arrange many different ways to explore the reserve which include 1 or 2 nights at the Cerro Esconido lodge. Whether you want to explore the area in depth or just relax in crystal-clear natural swimming pools, we can put it together for you.

  • Location:  3 1/2 hours form Arenal, 4 hours from San Jose 
  • Activities: Hiking, Wilderness, Wildife, Relaxing
  • Trip Tip: If you do not speak Spanish a guide is recomended 
  • Accommodation: Private Rooms