We are an indigenous Bribri community with a great wish to illustrate our cultural values to those who visit us. Proud to demonstrate who we are, we will teach you about the Bribri worldview, the use of medicinal plants and the process of milling corn, as well as some of our sacred rituals. We are located in the Salitre indigenous territory in Buenos Aires, Costa Rica — an area of great beauty with spectacular views of the surrounding mountains and rivers.'

So says the Bríbripa Kanèblö Association, based in southern Costa Rica. The organisation is made up of indigenous Bribri people who preserve and practice their language, customs and traditions. Bribris represent the largest indigenous group in Costa Rica, with part of their territory located within La Amistad International Park. Through this initiative, the Association seeks to strengthen the cultural values of its people, promoting the ancestral practices with some very specific objectives.

1. Improve the socioeconomic conditions of indigenous families.
2. Strengthen the Bribri culture, developing actions that promote the values of the Bribri people.
3. Integratively manage forest conservation areas.
4. Develop agricultural activities that present a sustainable development model.
5. Institutionalise a self-sustainable indigenous Bribri organisation.

A trip to Bríbripa Kanèblö will immerse you in a completely different world with a culture, history and landscape of its own, in an area of great beauty with spectacular views of the surrounding mountains and rivers. This fascinating experience can be done over 1 or 2 nights and can include taking a tour of the reserve with the village elders, time spent learning about the Bribripa culture and treks to the nearby waterfalls and a stunning area of the reserve named the Savanna.

  • Location: 2 hour drive from Manuel Anotnio
  • Activities: Culture, history, wildlife, community engagment
  • Day Trips: Yes, from Manuel Antonio only
  • Accommodation: Private Rooms