Location: Koh Samui | Rating: 4 star | Rooms: 122 | Pool: yes | Spa: yes

Peace Resort is one of our favourite hotels in Samui for the instant sense of relaxation you get when you walk through their doors into the garden-like reception area. It continues as you stroll around the meticulously-kept grounds, dotted with contemporary-Thai style bungalows and villas that reflect local traditions and craftsmanship and feel spacious and harmonious with the natural ambiance.

While Peace Resort is a great place for couples to stay, it’s particularly suited to families of all ages looking to unwind, with a gentle clean beach, a jacuzzi and children’s pool as well as a kid’s playroom. The beachfront restaurant and cocktail bar have a classic tropical island charm while still being smart and modern and the food is excellent. There’s a culinary school onsite and nearby you’ll find lots of local restaurants and shops and the Fisherman’s Village street market, so you’re certainly not stuck in the resort but you may find it hard to leave!

Why we work with them

Peace Resort was originally built in 1977 as an eco-friendly hotel by a local family who still own and manage it to this day. Their interest in sustainability is evident, from making sure all the materials and products in the hotel are biodegradable and not harmful to the environment, to recycling all their rubbish and saving energy and water in various ways. Herbs and plants are grown onsite for the kitchens and waste food is recycled into fertilizer and cleaning products for the rooms. Guests can even join staff in planting trees to help reforest Samui.

Peace Resort has also been embedded in the local community for more than 40 years and supports local schools and sports teams with food and money as well as fundraising for charities. They source food from local farms and various services from local businesses, helping to put money back into the island’s economy and run internships to help school kids from the mainland learn hospitality skills. They have good staff policies with training and formalised contracts - many of the staff joined when the resort was first established and there are few that have not been part of the team for many years.