1-Day Nature Experience

A unique and very special opportunity to see conservation in action and learn about a fascinating 30+ year study into monkey social and demographic life.

Arrive early this morning at the entrance of Sri Lanka's medieval capital Polonnawura, for a meeting with its groups of curious primates and their devoted researchers.

The city is home to thriving populations of torque macaques, grey langurs and, if you cast your eyes upwards, purple-faced leaf eaters dwelling high up in the trees. Their numbers have not always been so prolific and like many other countries, reductions in habitat meant monkey numbers were in decline.

Luckily, the Smithsonian Research Centre stepped in to study the monkeys and you will join an educational tour with their researchers guiding you around the ruins, the set of Disney's "Monkey Kingdom". Observe the social interactions and behaviours of local troops as you stroll around a small part of the massive site, learning about the challenges and successes of monkey conservation. You can also continue to explore more of the ruins before it gets too hot.

Holidays That Can Include This Experience

14 Days: From £1599 per person

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14 Days: From £1999 per person

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