El Paredon Surf House

Location: El Paredón | Rating:3 star | Rooms: 10 | Pool: yes

If you want some time to relax and get off the tourist trail then EL Paredon surf house is the place for you. This great beach front hotel started as a weekend surf house for 2 friends that grew into the hotel you find now. The Surf House is located in the small fishing village of El Paredón. A tranquil surfing oasis conveniently located 2 hours from Guatemala City and Antigua. Relax at the beach or in the freshwater swimming pool; surf some of Guatemala’s most consistent waves; or enjoy beach volleyball, organized boat tours of the mangrove natural reserve, community tours and activities or turtle watching. The hotel offers a variety of different options including thatched private rooms, generous dorms with ocean views and family sized suited with open-air showers.

Why we work with them

El Paredon believes in preserving their surrounding natural environment . They assist local marine biologists working with sea turtles that reside in “Poza del Nance,” a turtle sanctuary in the local estuary behind the village of El Paredon. Not only is this an awesome activity for guests to take part in, it raises awareness about conservation within the local community. They also lend support to the local government agency that is responsible for sustainably managing the mangrove forests, and contribute to reforestation efforts.

The hotel believe strongly in the community of El Paredon and the important role they play in it to support the local economy. From employing people form El Paredon and buying locally whenever possible, to educating the community about recycling and waste management, and to things as simple as sponsoring their local football team with uniforms, they’re always looking for ways to be active and supportive for the community.