Patio Andaluz

Location: Quito| Rating: 4+ star | Rooms: 32| Pool: no |

The Old Town of Quito was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1978 and Patio Andaluz is a perfect example of a Hotel that has incorporated all of the cities history and culture into every aspect of the hotel. It allows the experience of discovering this stunning colonial city to continue whether you are sitting in your room, eating your breakfast in the original solarium or exploring some of the local ancient churches and cobbled squares. Not only this but Patio Andaluz is was one of the original building sites that made up the City of San Francisco of Quito at the time of its foundation.

This beautiful  Boutique Hotel  offers a rich experience of traditional colonial style through its 32 comfortable suites, a library, and artisan shop, Tapas Bar, an exclusive restaurant specialized in national, Spanish and international cuisine, and fully equipped amenities throughout the hotels facilities.

Why we work with them

With the spread of modernization across Latin America conserving a part of the continents rich history is more important than ever. First and foremost the Patio Andaluz understands their role in this and make sure they are a beacon to other hotels looking to preserve their countries cultural heritage.

Apart from the building being a national treasure the hotel observes strict sustainable measures that have allowed them to receive the Smart Voyager Certification, a recognition delivered by the Rainforest Alliance. Such program includes energy and water preservation, recycling and reducing wastes, support of the local community and its environmental projects, to name a few…