Napo Wildlife Center

Location: Amazon Jungle| Rating: 5 star | Rooms: 20 | Pool: no |

If the Amazon is an important part of your trip to Ecuador and you are able to stretch the budget then we strongly recommend visiting The Napo Wildlife Center. Surrounded by the Yasuni National Park this is an absolute haven for wildlife and nature lovers. The Yasuni Nationla Park is one of the most biodiverse places on earth, even more so as this specific area is guarded by the The Kichwa Añangu people who also manage and benefit form the lodge. This is ‘jungle luxury’ where you can explore the waterways and forest paths of the jungle before returning to the beautiful lodge for amazing food, evening talks from biologists and nights slept amongst the nocturnal sounds of the forest.

Why we work with them

Amazon lodges are always important for conservation reasons but in Ecuador they play an even more important role. Many communities, including the one that runs Napo Wildlife Center, use the money created by tourism to protect their indigenous lands. Without tourism the communities would instead have to accept money for the large oils companies that are always looking to use the area for the rich reserves under ground.

All proceeds from this lodge are re-invested into the Anangu Quichua community which enables them to undertake projects based on renewable energy, education, and health care. As well as partners in the lodge the community actively guards and protects over 52,000 acres within the Yasunì National Park including Anangucocha lake, part of the ancestral lands that the lodge is built on. The lodge has an environmentally sustainable sewage system and all waste water is treated to the highest standard in order to keep the swamps clean. Rubbish is kept to a minimum and they compost where possible.