Napo Cultural Center

Location: Amazo Jungle| Rating: 3 star | Rooms: 16 | Pool: no |

Set in the heart of the Yasuni National Park in the Amazon Jungle, The Napo Cultural Center offers the perfect blend of wildlife, nature and community. One of the reasons we love this lodge so much is that unlike most other jungle lodges this far into the amazon, Napo Cultural Centre is set on the edge of a Kitchwa community, meaning you get the very best cultural and wildlife experience. With its own stunning canopy tower, a stay here offers you the chance to choose form a number of actives and experiences that will allow you to experience the incredible diversity that surrounds you. Wit big spacious rooms this lodge is perfect for families and those looking for a true amazing lodge experience won a realistic budget.

Why we work with them

This 500 year old Kitchwa community realized that eco tourism is an excellent modern alternative for local development and improving quality of life, while still preserving traditional activities and, most importantly, for conserving nature. The community lives within a 200 square area of the Yasuni National Park and in the name of conservation gave up their legal right to hunting and fishing meaning area is now thriving and teaming with wildlife. Along with their use of renewable energy and commitment to community development, this is definitely one of our favourite lodges.