Mashpi Lodge

Location: Choco Forest| Rating: 5 star | Rooms: 21| Pool: no |

Luxury in the cloud forest! The cloud forest surrounding the lodge is home to hundreds of species of birds, hidden trails and epic waterfalls, making it a nature lovers dream. Ecuador’s cloud forest has always been an amazing destination as it offers such natural beauty and wildlife whilst only being a short drive from Quito however there has never been cloud forest lodge quite like Mashpi. One of National Geographics Unique Lodges of the World Mashpi lodge is the very definition of sustainable luxury with contemporary design and huge floor to ceiling windows giving you an unparalleled connection with the surrounding forest at all times. It is also important to note that with everything the lodge offers, this is reflected in the price.

Why we work with them

Situated in the Choco Forest Mashpi is aware of its unique position and the huge biodiversity that lies within its own private reserve. The conservation of this reserve and the greater Choco Forest is the driving force behind the lodge, its’ design and its outreach work.

They have also recognised the importance of the local community in this endevour. Many of the biologists and guides with tell of how they used to be hunters and poachers but now find themselves acting as guardians of the forest. Mashpi also has an initiative in place where the local community not only work and thrive off the lodge but over time can also become shareholders, ensuring a long lasting relationship between the lodge, the surrounding nature and local community.