Itamandi Jungle Lodge

Location: Amazon| Rating: 4 star | Rooms: 19| Pool: yes |

Itamandi Eco-Lodge offers sustainable travel and eco-tourism to one of the most interesting places in the world: the rain-forest. However unlike some of the other lodges we work with in the Amazon Itamandi does not require a flight into the rain-forest as it is easily accessible form either Banos and the Southern Andes or direct from Quito, all by road. The lodge is only a 4-hour car and a short canoe ride away from Quito. It is a get place for those looking to experience the Amazon, rather than looking for a jungle immersion as you wills till get all of the rain-forest experiences including visits to a parrot clay lick, walks though the jungle, bird watching and cultural visit to a Kichwa community. It is also just a really comfortable lodge in which to relax and enjoy this magical place.

Why we work with them

Itamandi’s mission statement syas it all really: “Itamandi EcoLodge offers an exclusive and unique hotel experience, looking for the satisfaction of our customers, the benefits of the indigenous communities involved, and valuing our employees. In addition, we promote the conservation and the importance of the Amazon forest, focusing on sustainable development.”

All of the guests at the lodge are provided with 110 volt power and efficiently illuminated with energy-saving LED lamps and electric outlets to recharge cameras and other devices, all of which are covered by their solar energy only backed up in emergencies by a generator.  Being in such a critical location they have made sure the pool is a non-toxic and eco-friendly salt- water pool with very limited use of chlorine. Unlike traditional pools, which require chlorine to be poured into the water manually or released from a tablet, a salt water pool has a generator that uses electrolysis to release chlorine gas from salt in the water. Salt is added to the pool water to achieve a saturation of approximately 3,200 parts per million, roughly the amount of salt found in a teardrop, certainly not like swimming in the sea.