Black Sheep Inn

Location: The Avenue of the Volcanoes| Rating: 3 star | Rooms: 8| Pool: no |

The Black Sheep Inn is a wonderful, small locally run hotel close to the stunning crater lake of Quilatoa. At over 3200 meters above sea level the views will take your breath away and their drive to be as environmentally sensitive and as culturally inclusive as possible makes this rural lodge the perfect place to discover the local centuries-old culture and diverse ecosystems. This is a fantastic, budget friendly option for families couple and travelers looking to explore the high Andes.

Why we work with them

Whilst the views will take your breath away they hotels dedication to its environmental and social impact is what keeps us coming back for more.

The award-winning hotel drives itself to constantly improve its environmental impact and is built on the principles of perm culture. Whilst the hotel has has sustainability built into every corner including recycling baskets ia every room the use of unbleached paper bags for lunches, it is their famous composting toilets that really show their innovation. These beautiful, floe filled toilets are actually the main reason for visiting for some people and they will absolutely open your eyes as to what is possible when it comes to natural resource conservation.