Tami Lodge

Location: Providencia de Dota| Rating: 3 star | Bungalows: 6 | Pool: no

Tami Lodge offers a real immersion into nature as you are surrounded by forests, mountains, waterfalls, wildlife and coffee plantations. Spacious tented bungalows offer you the adventure of the outdoors whilst keeping the comfort and amenities usually reserved for a hotel stay, such as hand and shower towels, extra blankets, pillows, shampoo, soap. Your private bathroom and hot water shower will also have open views across the forest below. It is simply the best of both worlds.

To add to your experience Tami Lodge does not have any electricity to distract you from the stunning surroundings. Solar lighting directs you to the rooms at night, with a sensor light in each bathroom and a 6hr portable lamps in the tents offering that extra sense of adventure.

Why we work with them

Tami Lodge believes working with local communities directly is the most effective way to raise awareness about the environmental and conservation challenges to their area. The major goal of the lodge is to transform the vision of community members and show them that there are many sustainable methods to improve their way of living, thus meeting both immediate and long-term goals. This entails community development projects such as road and classroom construction, and sustainable development projects such as permaculture farming and innovative recycling programs. Volunteers are a key element in this process, because they provide labour and financial resources to be able to undertake these projects.