Si Como No

Location: Manuel Antonio| Rating: 4 star | Rooms: 58 | Pool: yes| Spa: yes

Located along Costa Rica's Central Pacific coast, Si Como No is a uniquely special Manuel Antonio Resort and Wildlife Refuge that sits a top one of the most idyllic hillsides in Manuel Antonio. The resort's lush jungle terraces and brilliantly vivid gardens overlook the sparkling ocean just above world-renowned Manuel Antonio National Park.

Innovatively integrated into one of the most idyllic hillsides in Manuel Antonio, its spectacular panoramic jungle and ocean vistas are part of why Si Como No offers classic comfort in a first-class tropical resort destination. Family-friendly, but with an exclusive adult section too, its spacious rooms, each with their own private balcony, adult and family pools, spa and two popular restaurants are set amidst lush jungle terraces and gardens overlooking the sparkling beaches of Manuel Antonio.

Why we work with them

One of the early advocates of eco-tourism, Greentique Hotels founder and CEO Jim Damalas helped pioneer the concept of sustainable hospitality more than 20 years ago, with the group’s first property, Sí Como No Resort & Wildlife Refuge, in Manuel Antonio. Today, Greentique Hotels is a recognized leader in sustainable hospitality in Costa Rica, and beyond. Greentique sustainability policies govern the key areas of recycling/waste management, water conservation and organics & food from the source. Adherence to these policies are supported by formal training for employees. We also have ongoing orientation programs led by each hotel’s Green Committees for new hires, hotel guests, and visitors from an array of national and global NGOs, GAs, foundations, universities, and private groups advocating sustainability and conservation.