Arenal Oasis Eco Lodge and Wildlife Refuge

Location: Arenal | Rating: 3 star | Cabins: 11 | Pool: no

Arenal Oasis Eco Lodge is an authentic back-to-nature property that offers guests the chance to immerse themselves in Costa Rica's diverse flora and fauna. Owned and managed by the Rojas Bonilla family, the old fashioned, rustic and charming lodge is dedicated to sustainable tourism whilst offering the warmest service in the area. Arenal Oasis is nestled away  at a convenient distance of just 2 miles (3 kms) from downtown La Fortuna, where you can find many restaurants, bars and shops. Also located nearby is the spectacular La Fortuna waterfall and the area's popular hot springs.

Why we work with them

Apart from being family-owned, Arenal Oasis Eco Lodge & Wildlife Refuge has devoted themselves to strict practices in sustainable development and conservation for many years. Their own reserve is a haven for wildlife and an important home to the local Costa Rican tree frogs and sloths. In fact, you will find many local tours coming to the reserve to see its vibrant wildlife. As well as the wildlife refuge, the lodge also works with and actively promotes efforts including: rubbish treatment, recycling programs, environmental education for the local community, energy saving, use of biodegradable products and supports local organic food production.