Walking around a city is definitely one of the best ways of really getting underneath its skin and discovering the fascinating little details that make it unique. But it can be hot and tiring, so in Phnom Penh, we have partnered with the Cyclo Centre to peddle you round in style. The iconic bicycle rickshaws called cyclos were first introduced in 1936 and remain one of the best and most economical ways to see the city. Cyclo drivers, however, are some of the poorest urban Cambodians in the country, often living hand to mouth with nowhere to stay except on the street.

The Cyclo Centre offers basic support and social services to the 447 registered members, providing a place where cyclo drivers can meet, share ideas and access information and educational programs as well as a range of free services including washing facilities, medical care, English language lessons, programs on work-skills and money management and social activities. They also organise fundraising cyclo rallies across the country to raise awareness and advocate on the issues affecting the drivers.

We can arrange half or one day cyclo trips to any points in and around Phnom Penh, just ask if you have something special in mind. So while you are silently and gracefully transported through Phnom Penh's busiest streets, you can take it easy and rest assured that you’re helping the cyclo drivers create a better life for themselves.

Interview with Bee
‘My name is Bourt Bee, I come from Kampong Cham province and I’m 31.
‘I used to work in construction but it was hot and hard work and I thought I might be able to earn a better living driving a cyclo. So I joined the centre and here I am.
‘My life is a lot better now, I’ve got more money and more savings than I did before. At the centre I learnt how to save and budget and how to avoid wasting my money. Now I earn up to $120 per month in the high season and I send some money to help my family in the rural area where they live.
‘My dream is to learn to be a mechanic in an auto repair shop. First I’d like to learn the trade and one day I might even have my own business.’

Visit the Cyclo Centre's website www.cyclo.org.kh.

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