Do you love eating your way around the world? If so, we’ve got the list for you! We believe trying local delicacies is one of the best ways to experience the culture of the destination you’re in. So, here’s our round-up of some of our top foodie destinations to visit.


The cuisine in Cambodia may not have captured the culinary imagination of the western world in the same way as Vietnam and Thailand – well, not yet anyway – but we think it’s every bit as delicious!

A country in transition; Cambodia’s people look forward with fierce resilience, rebuilding a culture damaged by the Khmer Rouge regime, which devastated lives, tradition and cultural identity. Today, food is at the heart of that reinvention and is sure to be a big part of your travels. From Phnom Penh to Tonle Sap Lake, expect to taste mouth watering twists on classic national dishes – like steamy fish amok, banana blossom salad or saraman (beef, ginger and peanut) curry. Mmm.. delish! Sample Khmer dishes in up-scale spots to street stalls – with plenty of options in between.

Lok Lak Dish In Cambodia


Perched between Mexico and Guatemala, Belize is made-up of a wonderful array of cultures – from the Garifuna and Mayan to the Mestizo. So it’s no surprise that the country’s food landscape is as varied as its terrain. A melting pot of Caribbean, Central American, and even South American flavours, its delicious ethnic mix of influences means you’re always in for an irresistible treat!

Roadside shacks are a local favourite in Belize – often serving made-to-order tamales and salbutes. Some of our top dishes try include: Fry Jacks (deep fried flour tortilla dough), Belizean chicken stew, conch fritters and rum cake (not served together, of course). Oh, and if you head there in lobster season – usually between July and February –  treat yourself to tasty Spiny lobster, straight from the BBQ!

Spiny Lobster On The Bbq Grill In Belize


In the last decade, Peru has become known as one of the world’s best foodie spots. Much of this foodie boom is down to the country’s epic biodiversity, along with its rich cultural heritage. From coastline to mountain, to jungle: each of Peru’s three regions offer its own traditional dishes – with almost 500 in total! Rocoto Relleno (Peruvian stuffed peppers) is one of our favourite Arequipeño dishes, which is also beloved throughout the country.

If you’re heading to Lima, make sure you go wander with a hungry belly! We recommend starting the day with a stop at one of the sandwich/emoliente vendors for a must-have breakfast bite. Spoon in some zesty ceviche at lunch – a national dish – followed by a Picarones, which is a donut-like dessert made of fried sweet potatoes dipped in honey. Oh, and then there’s the chocolate. And did we mention the Pisco Sours? Yum!

Stuffed Rocoto Dish In Peru


Colombia may be famous for its coffee, but we think Colombian cuisine is actually one of the most underrated in the world. But, this isn’t the place to go if you’re counting your calories. Trust us – there’s something fried and delicious around every corner! Street food stalls are all over Bogota and Cartagena, offering visitors to get a real flavour of local cuisines.

Like most countries, Colombian dishes vary depending on where you go: the mountainous regions of the Andes, the coastal regions of the Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Sea and, of course, the river basin region of the great Amazon River. Each place has its own local speciality. The national dish is the ‘bandeja paisa’ – an enormous platter of ground beef, chorizo, beans (frijoles), rice, fried banana (plátano), a fried egg, avocado and fried pork – usually found at fondas (market stalls).

Other Colombian favourites include ajiaco (a thick chicken stew with veggies, potato, cream and capers), and mazamorra (a similar meat and vegetable soup but with beans and corn flour). Both are usually served with patacón, a mashed and heavily salted cake of fried plantain. Delish!

Traditional Colombian Dish


Ah, Vietnam. Home to rich history, fascinating cultures, mind-blowing scenery, oh…and just about some of the best food on the planet! If you’re looking to eat your weight in the best food Asia has to offer, Vietnam is the place for you! Cuisine is at the heart of Vietnamese culture. So, not only will the dishes be a treat for your taste buds, but eating local food is one of the best ways to get to know Vietnamese culture and people too.

In the north, dishes are heavily influenced by age-old traditions. Bánh chưng, for example, is a steamed rice cake that’s prepared every Tết (Lunar New Year) by families as a celebration of folklore and commemoration of their roots. If you’re a fan of sauces and spices, then you’ll love the food of Central Vietnam. Some say the secret to amazing food lies in the dipping sauce! Head  south for a dose of sweetness. A pinch of sugar or a dash of coconut milk makes everything taste better here. Cá kho tộ (claypot fish), for example, gets its distinctive dark colour from caramelised sugar – a signature dish of the Mekong Delta. 

Traditional Vietnamese Pho Dish

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