Our Story

With over ten years’ experience of creating tailor-made holidays, Dave and Simon became increasingly sceptical of the assumption that ethical travel has to mean compromising on standards or comfort. We know our customers want to enjoy their hard-earned holiday, so we take care of them every step of the way, from expert advice before their trip to 24-hour support while they are away.  

A holiday and booking experience with the Beyond Tourism Co. brings you unique experiences that will be hard to find anywhere else, in depth knowledge of the countries we offer and incredibly personalized service from Dave and Simon. Our aim is also to make Tailor Made travel accessible to as many people as possible meaning we will aim to work to and cater for most budgets. It may not always be possible but we will always try.

What We Do

Our Partners

We've taken the time to develop the best experiences and tours that we can, always looking beyond the obvious to find the really unique things about each country – the things that will stay in your memory long after you get back home.To do this we work with our local partners, who will take care of you when you're there. We're proud to have great relationships with them and after all, no one knows a country better than someone who lives there day in, day out!

But it's just as important to us to work with local communities in a fair way, so that they're not just tourist attractions, but can get the benefits of tourism on their own terms.

Our aim is to make every part of our holiday as responsible as possible, without compromising on quality.

Meet The Team

Dave - Co Founder

About Dave

Dave’s interest in responsible travel goes back to travelling and teaching around Southeast Asia in the late 1990s. Alongside stunning and remote places with great local tourism businesses, he saw ones that already suffered from inappropriate tourism. It was then he decided to help harness the power and potential of tourism for good.

After a postgraduate degree in Development Studies, he went on to a career in several NGO'S as a campaigner and policy officer specializing in fair trade and ethical supply chains, before setting up The Beyond Tourism Co. in 2012.

What is your best Travel Experience

We were told about these lovely Islands off the North West Coast of Malaysia that were still relatively untouched. What we found after a lengthy and uncomfortable boat journey was as close to paradise as I think I may ever find. The Perhentian islands at the time were just starting to offer accommodation. The pure white sand beaches were pristine and empty and our daily swim in the crustal clear waters would often be shared by an incredible array of marine life, including numerous turtles.  There are many incredible Islands and beaches in the world but it was the lack of expectation that made this experience so incredibly special for us.

What is your best travel Tip

By all means read up about your trip in a guide book but make sure it is not your only source of information. Have an idea of what you want to do however ask anybody form the area you are visiting to see what else there is to see and do. This will open you up to a much wider variety of experiences. Guide books more than not offer quite a one sided view to a country.

Simon Forster - Co Founder

About Simon

It was working with a community in Nicaragua in the early 2000's that Simon saw 1st hand how beneficial tourism can be to local communities if managed properly. On his return to the UK he completed a Masters degree in Responsible Tourism Management and went on to work his way through various travel companies both large and small  as responsible tourism manager and country specialist. 

What is your best Travel Experience

On a recent trip to Guatemala myself and my guide visited the Yaxha Mayan site in the mid afternoon. What I found was a completely deserted site, just me the guide and all of the wildlife that lived in and around the ancient Mayan Ruins. Sitting o top of one of the ancient temples watching the sun sink over the Jungle, it seemed for a moment like I had the entire country to myself. It felt otherworldly, totally unexpected and I very much doubt I will experience another sunset like it.

What is your best travel Tip

Try not to go on any trip with expectations. Do your research and feel prepared, however if you go looking to meet your expectations you are bound to miss so many other amazing experiences that can occur every day.


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