Location: Colca Canyon| Rating: Homestay | Rooms: 5 | Pool: no

Coporaque is a small village located about five miles down an unpaved road outside of Chivay, the gateway city to the popular Colca Canyon. Coporaque is surrounded by its own agricultural terraces (some used by the Incas) and lies on the banks of the Colca River. The community has recently opened its doors to tourism, meaning a stay here gives a real, untainted understanding of rural Peruvian life. It also gives you a chance to explore the area in a much more relaxed manner than if you were on a traditional tour of Colca Canyon.

By Choosing an alternative Colca Canyon experience in Coporaque you will stay with one of the lovely families that have rooms for visitors. You will have the chance to participate in the daily chores, such as milking cows and harvesting broad beans for breakfast as well as heading off on stunning walks to local Inca Ruins, guided by members of the community. A stay with the Coporaque community is not just a place to stay, it is a way to experience the traditions and cultures maintained by these wonderful Andean Communities.

Why we work with them

Colca Canyon has been on the main tourist route around Peru for decades. However as is so often the case, the people that lived I the region never saw that financial benefits that was going to the lodges in the area. Stays were typically a quick overnight stay to see the Condors as you are the way to Lake Titicaca or Arequipa. Coporaque community, like out other home stays in Peru are much more than a simple home stay. They are offering a different experience, an enhanced understanding of the region that you would not get on the standard route. This is tourism benefiting the traditions and cultures of an entire community.