Location: Lake Titicaca| Rating: Homestay | Rooms: 30 | Pool: no

We feel the Amantani island homestay is possibly the best way of experiencing the magical Lake Titicaca as it offers you the chance to experience not just the beauty of the lake itself but also that of the people that call Lak Titicaca Home. After visiting some of the lakes best known (and most visited) sites, such as the floating read islands, you will head of for the remote island of Amantani where you will be met y the community and your family for the evening. You will be staying in a room within one of the family homes and whilst the families rotate the home stays to allow for a fair share of income however all rooms are very similar with and range bertween 6 Individual Rooms, 6 Double Rooms, 12 King Size Bed Rooms, 3 Double Superior Rooms, and 3 Suites that include a mini bar and a private living room.

Why we work with them

Amantani has worked hard to break the mould of other community based tourism enterprises around the world. The have developed a real authentic and cultural experience that is of real interest and benefit to travellers visiting Lake Titicaca. The have also made sure the rooms are comfortable, clean and safe making sure they do not fall beneath the standard expected of most visitors.

However possibly the best aspect to the Amantani Homestay experience is that they rotate the families, meaning everyone involved in the project has a fair share of the income generated through the home stays. This is a community based tourism project that provides a tangible benefit to the local community and families involved as well as offering an amazing experience for visitors.