Hotel Bambú

Location: Lake Atitlan | Rating:3 star | Rooms: 12 | Pool: yes

Lake Atitlan has to be one of the most beautiful places in Latin America and Bambu Eco Lodge is ideally situated to explore it all. Surrounded by volcanoes and gardens Bambu Eco Lodge has been designed and constructed in the style of the Tz’utujil Indians using similar materials to mirror the buildings of the area. During your stay at Bambu, you can relax on the private beach, by the pier, in the sauna and swim in the pool and lake. You can also dine at the restaurant where lovely Spanish and international cuisine are served and enjoy activities in the surrounding area including; horseback riding, hiking, canoeing and visiting ruins.

Why we work with them

The Hotel Bambú was founded and designed by José Ramón de Castro who hacving spent mny years traveling around the world, fell in love with the beauty of Santiago Atitlan. He decided to build the hotel not only just to provide guests with an exceptional experience on Lake Atitln, but lso to protect their own area of this special place. The Bambu Hotel has a very unique garden that surrounds he hotel and aims to promote the local endemic flora and fauna of the area.

The hotel has not only designed the hotel in the style of the Tz’utujil Indians, all of the staff are local Tz’utujil Indians as well. It is this interaction with the local community and town of Santiago that really give this hotel its sense of place.