Take a few days off and enjoy life in an authentic rural community. Take part in their everyday life to learn more about the Andean culture, their unique history and experience living in harmony with the environment.

Day 1: Pick up from your hotel in Huaraz for the trip to Vicos. Upon arrival, visit the community museum 'La Casa de Abuelos', which showcases Vicos’ history, culture, customs and daily life. After that, you’ll walk between 30 and 90 minutes (depending on the lodge and your pace) to the lodge where you will stay for the next three days. During the hike, your local guide will explain everything you see and will answer all of your questions. There, you will meet your host family over a traditional lunch including freshly baked Andean bread.

The afternoon's activities depend on your preferences. You could participate in some agricultural activities, hike a bit more around the community, visit an artisan in his workshop, explore archaeological sites or simply relax by your lodge with a book, enjoying the tranquility and landscapes that Vicos offers you. Dinner generally consists of soup or a sweet porridge, accompanied by bread and/or (native) potatoes, depending on the season because it has all been grown by your host family. At night, they will share the stories, legends and myths of their community with you and even teach you some Quechua.

Day 2: After a revitalizing campesino breakfast, you will have some free time to fish, help with grazing the animals or visit the school. At 10am, you will participate in a Pachamanca ritual together with your host family. You will help with all of the preparations - packing up the meat, constructing the stone oven and covering it with the right combination of herbs, grass and soil. The musicians will invite you to learn about their instruments and music and then the local people will invite you to dance the ‘Huayno’ among your new friends in this beautiful mountain landscape. An unforgettable ending to your visit to Vicos, an enchanting community that benefits directly from your visit. At 4pm, your host family will bring you back to the main road, where your transport back to Huaraz will be waiting, arriving at 6pm with some time to explore the city.

Optional extra day

You may also choose to stay one day longer which means that you can visit more places, spend more quality time with your hosts, work a bit more on the land, learn how to cook local dishes or visit the local school. The activity on the extra day is up to you - just ask your host family!