"Taking a chance on a travel agent in another country took a leap of faith. So if you are reading this I urge you to take that leap and use this company. The trip they gave us was a trip of a lifetime. The places we stayed, the things we did we never would have found on our own and now we have these wonderful memories... On a scale of 1-10 I'd give it a 15."

Maria and Lewis, Thailand, January 2019

“We had such a brilliant time, the friendly people, all the exciting excursions and the fabulous food. It was the best trip of my life, I really did not want to come home (apart from missing the dog!)”

Sarah and family, Thailand, January 2019

“We wanted to make sure we thanked you for helping make our experience in Thailand so seamless, relaxing, and wonderful. All of us really enjoyed every aspect of our itinerary and found each guide and helper we encountered professional and friendly.”

Linda and family, Thailand, January 2019

"I was very impressed with the wildlife knowledge of the guides."

Chris and Carolina, Costa Rica, December 2018

“By far the best guides we had were Niracha and Nanney while in Chiang Mai. They treated us like family and even participated in the wedding ceremony. They even used their own money to provide a wedding present and help with luggage issues. Out of all my trips I’ve never been treated so nice.”

Richard and Rachel, Thailand, December 2018

“Taksin, our guide, was just the right person. He answered my many questions and added so much of his own, but he also knew when to back down and just let us be. Please pass on my deep appreciation to him... “On top of all the great experiences, views, animals and people - I had quality time with my daughter. What more can I ask for?”

Noa and Maayan, Thailand, December 2018

"Simon arranged an amazing trip to Ecuador for us. He listened carefully to our requirements and the result was everything we had hoped for…...We had never heard of this company, but all the arrangements were seamless, communication was prompt and effective, and his advice on where to go was spot on."

Carol and Colin, Ecuador, December 2018

““We had an amazing time. It was absolutely fabulous. Everything we had hoped for - and more. Logistically - it was unbelievably smooth. Adventure/action - we did everything we planned - including whitewater rafting, horse riding and surfing - as well as the zip lining etc...We wouldn't have changed any of it!! So much fun! ”

Naomi and Tracey, Costa Rica, December 2018

“It was expertly organised and everything went very smoothly. I was very happy with the service provided allowing me to have a fabulous trip in Costa Rica.””

Simon, Costa Rica, November 2018

““Our tour guide José was absolutely amazing. He was adored by everyone. He was very kind, mindful of our needs and requirements, very accommodating, knew his stuff and was generally a really great guy who looked out for us and looked after us so well. ”

Andy and group, Costa Rica, November 2018

“The trip has been very good so far! Thank you for organising everything.”

Paul and Martyn, Peru, November 2018

“Our trip was absolutely fantastic!!! We has a great time in both Vietnam and Laos. I don't think we had a single bad experience... We are so happy that we were able to do another trip with Beyond Tourism. 1000x better than our experiences with the other DMC companies.”

Reggie and Maik, Vietnam and Laos, November 2018

“Art took us around Siem Reap and was wonderful. As we were just a couple doing a private tour he struck the perfect balance of being chatty and friendly but also giving us some time to ourselves. Generally just a very lovely man who was very knowledgeable and a great guide.”

Holly and Charles, Cambodia, October 2018

“Galapagos was incredibly good. Like National Geographic in real life.”

Neslihan and Osman, Ecuador and Guatemala, September 2018

“We got to do the things we had hoped to do. Met and enjoyed the company of locals and people from all around the world which is always nice on holiday. The company who was looking after us in Thailand ensured everything ran smoothly, leaving us with a stress free experience which we loved.”

Keith and family, Thailand, August 2018

“Peter, who took us over the first three days, should be particularly commended - absolutely great guide and a fabulous person. Has made the start of the trip A***.”

Michal and family, Thailand, August 2018

“ I can't think of anything I would change really. Oh and the Thai people, so welcoming, just delightful... I felt we got value for money, the organisation was great and all in all a fantastic experience. We would not hesitate to use you again or to recommend you and Thailand.”

Tracey and family, Thailand, August 2018

“Difficult to see how you would improve it.”

Angelique and family, Costa Rica, August 2018

“Before the holiday even started I knew it was going to be fantastic, booking with you was like chatting to a friend to organise a holiday. You went out of your way on more than one occasion ... we will be recommending you to anyone who wants a special experience and intend to use you again in the future.”

Sophie and family, Costa Rica, August 2018

“The wildlife was outstanding - egg-laying turtles on the Caribbean coast; whales and dolphins in the Pacific and the plethora of monkeys, sloths, birds, lizards and snakes. However, what our boys really remembered was our white-water rafting experience which was exhilarating.”

Andy and family, Costa Rica, August 2018

“There were many highlights - including watching a Green Turtle laying eggs, spotting the rare Splendid Quetzal, snorkelling with fish and turtles off Cano Island and watching the abundant wildlife including 2 species of sloth. Visiting Los Campesinos and talking to the local hosts was especially memorable…….The standard of the guides was excellent and trip was varied and fascinating. It was very well put together by Beyond Tourism.”

Robert and Susan, Costa Rica, August 2018

“A big big thank you in the name of the whole family for helping us organising such an amazing trip. Thanks again for making it possible !!! Please keep in touch as we count on you to design our next dream holiday!”

Beatriz and family, Thailand, August 2018

“Thanks for the email and for all you are doing to help with the trip. We are all fine - just watched the World Cup final with an iguana walking by so what is not to like! Using the time to catch up with the kids so all good.”

Paula and family, Costa Rica, July 2018

““Everything was amazing, we really enjoyed Galapagos… we managed to see so many different things we were really impressed, even saw a vulcano eruption from the start :)”

Monica and Stefano, Ecuador, June 2018

“One of the very best holidays we've ever had. 5*”

Sharon and family, Thailand, June 2018

“We really enjoyed CR, and our itinerary proved v successful. A good mix of rest and activity. We all enjoyed the wildlife enormously and found the people very friendly and helpful.”

Lindy and family, Costa Rica, April 2018

“All transfers were perfectly executed and the help with check in at hotels was great. Hotel choices excellent… Outings just wonderful and on time especially in Chiang Mai.”

Maggie and group, Thailand, April 2018

“This was my first overseas holiday with my four teenage children. It was simple and easy. Everything went smoothly & we all loved it. Thanks so much Dave, it’s something we will all remember for ever!”

Jo  and family, Thailand, April 2018

“Can we just reiterate what an amazing time we have had - I do not have the words to describe it adequately. We cannot thank you enough for the hard work and organisation that you put into our trip. You listened to our desires and budget and put together something resembling a perfect experience for us.”

Lisa and Family, Costa Rica, April 2018

“FANTASTIC. I would highly recommend it. One of the best holidays I have ever had. Extremely well looked after and all the pick ups on time.”

Glenda and Pauline, Thailand, April 2018

“I have many happy memories of my trip to Thailand and am so glad I went. Thank you again for helping me to have such a wonderful experience.”

Catherine, Thailand, April 2018

“Simon and co. had obviously understood exactly what we had asked for and delivered it in terms of accommodation. Excellent variety of places.”

Desna and Charles, Guatemala, Belize and Mexico, April 2018

“The holiday was fantastic, the organisation was really good, it really exceeded our expectations in terms of how well the logistics worked... Thank you so much for organising this, it was exactly what we wanted & more.”

Dave and Kathryn, Thailand, April 2018

“Amazing. Simon did an amazing job in planning our trip and listening to what we wanted and his colleague in CR, Jefferson was always available to help and advise.”


Roz and Pauline, Costa Rica, March 2018

“I would rate it 10 out of 10. A really great holiday.”

Tony and Deborah, Thailand, February 2018

“I wanted to give high accolades to my guide Chan.  He is the most attentive and reliable tour guide I have ever encountered (and fun)... The highlights for me were Joy's House and the Elephant Nature Park. At both places I could feel the genuine kindness and concern of the people working there. I met the children at their school/home supported by Joy's House, incredible to say the least.”


Carrie, Thailand, February 2018

“Thanks so much for everything as we had a fantastic time and everything worked fantastically. During the holiday we frequently said 'Well done Dave’… Everything was organised so we didn't have to worry and it all worked like clockwork. I would recommend the company most highly”

Rose and Neil, Thailand, February 2018

“Fantastic holiday. Extremely well organised. Great to see how varied different parts of the country are. Wonderful people, stunning scenery and wildlife. Simon was very knowledgeable and listened to everything we asked for. Really cared about creating our holiday of a lifetime. The only problem we had is that we wanted to stay at each place for at least another week! Pura Vida indeed!"

Zoe and Hayden, Costa Rica, February 2018

“It looks amazing and it's going to be the perfect honeymoon for us! Thanks so much for all your help and suggestions, and your exceptional communication throughout the booking process, it's been a great experience booking this holiday with you, we'd definitely do it again this way in the future :)"

Sophie and Polly, Thailand, February 2018

“Our day at the Elephant Nature Park was one of the best days ever. It far exceeded my expectations in terms of how close we got, and how long we spent with the elephants... I really value feeling like we were being looked after at every step.”

Julie and Ed, Thailand, January 2018

“Thanks for organising the trip in Guatemala, it was a great experience"

Marlene and Lester, Guatemala, January 2018

“Vietnam was a great way to prepare for 2018. Thanks again for all your help organising it, Dave. Another triumph by Beyond Tourism!”

Lucy and family, Vietnam, December 2017

“In summary, the trip was a real success for us … We saw sloths, tamanduas, quetzals, trogons, humpback whales, spotted dolphins, and too many other fabulous things to list."

Diane and Peter, Costa Rica, December 2017

“Excellent all round! Good specialist bird guide - superb transport provided”

Danny and group, Thailand, December 2017

"It's exactly the kind of experience my group and I were looking for. 11/10!! 🙂 “

Andy and group, Costa Rica, December 2017

"It's all round been incredible.  Definitely a company I'd like to use for future trips.”

Iain and Lauren, Thailand, November 2017

“Just wanted to write and say a big thank you for organising an amazing holiday for us. You listened to our likes and dislikes and delivered.”

Karen and Jason, Costa Rica, November 2017

“Thank you ever so much for all your help in firstly arranging our trip, but then going above and beyond (apt company name!). We've used Audley before and the service you provided was far far superior and much more warm and friendly.”

Catherine and Craig, Ecuador, October 2017

“Had an amazing trip to lost city and a wonderful few days to recharge the batteries in the ecohabs, which are superb!! Thanks so much for all your help and great advice. It really has been a trip of a lifetime.”

Erin and Paul, Colombia, September 2017

"We had a fantastic time in Costa Rica! Thanks for all of your hard work and planning. I'll be sure to tag Beyond Tourism in our pictures on Facebook!”

Roberta and Frank, Costa Rica, August 2017

“It was a pleasure working with you and I speak for both me and my wife, we will be booking our next extended vacation with The Beyond Tourism Co.”

Sassa and Matt, Thailand and Laos, August 2017

“We wanted to let you know the trip was amazing!  We had a fantastic time and enjoyed all the activities and places we visited. Thailand was everything we wanted and more!!"

Mary and family, Thailand, August 2017

"Thank you again..it really was amazing and all the Thai people we met were so lovely. Only prob is how can I top that trip?”

Mary and family, Thailand, August 2017

"All the transfers and meetings went like clockwork, all our guides were friendly, organised, and very informative.. we felt all the guides had a real sense of pride in their country and in looking after us.”

Alison and John, Thailand, July 2017

“All in all everything was brilliant, we will highly recommend to friends and family … It was good to see our money going into local businesses. We feel like we got a cultural experience despite the fact a lot of Thailand has become a lot more touristy and commercialised."

Alex and Alice, Thailand, June 2017

“Excellent, unlike any other holiday we have had.”

Kathleen and Andrew, Peru, May 2017

"Don't think about it, book it!! Was the best holiday we have ever had."

Wendy and family, Thailand, April 2017

“Having our own private tour guide to show us the rainforest was special- he was very hospitable and went out of his way to add personal touches- he cut the bamboo to enable us to drink directly from the bamboo, made us bamboo cups whilst we were bathing in the waterfall, we spotted gibbons, a tarantula and a snake!"

Jenny and Tom, Thailand, April 2017

"It really was everything we had hoped for. Interesting, fun and challenging. All the transfers, guides, hotels etc went without a hitch and we are so grateful for all your effort on our behalf."

Mary and Tom, Vietnam and Cambodia, April 2017

"You guys have it spot on. Amazing value considering the amount we experienced ... It was all memorable, we couldn't have planned it better if we'd tried."

Paul and Sarah, Thailand, March 2017

"The guides were special. You could feel their love for their country, culture, their job."

Isabelle and Kevin, Guatemala, March 2017

"Our holiday has been truly memorable, the best we have ever had and we cannot thank you enough ... We will definitely be using Beyond Tourism again for future trips."

Anna and John, Costa Rica, February 2017

"Absolutely incredible holiday, could not  have been better. The places we visited were perfect and not on your normal  tourist routes so they were quiet and  unspoiled.”

Steve and Laura, Thailand, February 2017

“A huge thank you for such a well choreographed holiday. It has been a fantastic experience and we were all well outside our comfort zones at times which was great.”  

Jane and family, Thailand, December 2016

“We just wanted to thankyou for creating us the trip of a lifetime. We cannot fault anything, we were treated like royalty wherever we went. Ten out of ten definitely, the best holiday we have had by far.” 

Terri and Bill, Thailand, November 2016

“Our holiday was amazing! Loved all the accommodation, really special and we had so much fun on our pre-booked tours.”

Lucy and Lulu, Costa Rica, November 2016

“All together a wonderful trip Dad and I will remember for years to come”

Alison and Dad, Cambodia, November 2016

“I was happy I booked a holiday where responsible tourism is priority.”

Ciara, Thailand, September 2016

“What can we say! An absolutely amazing trip with a service that couldn’t be faulted, everything was as we expected and more.”

Natasha and Steven, Thailand, August 2016

“A real experience, with such lovely people and places, we will never forget!”

Simon and family, Cambodia, July 2016

“It was amazing, fantastic, a revelation, and I would recommend it to anyone.”

Melanie and family, Costa Rica, July 2016

"So much knowledge, understanding and patience and were also very quick to respond to my questions. I will 100% recommend you to others!”  

Natanya, Peru, June 2016

"Our Costa Rican holiday earlier this year was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! We couldn't fault it at all. We shall definitely be using Beyond Tourism again."

Stuart and Ann, Costa Rica, March 2016

“All of our expectations have been exceeded... sensational!”

Val and Mike, Cambodia, March 2016

"Felt totally looked after and cared about! Having a trip tailored to our own personal requirements was fantastic."

Gail and Philip, Thailand, March 2016

"You allowed us to discover this beautiful country in a different manner that we may have done it if we had to organise it ourselves.”

Marc and Viviane, Thailand, February 2016

“Fantastic service - right from the first phonecall it was clear that they're not only experts, but really cared about making this tailor-made trip absolutely perfect for us.”

Sheila and Steve, Costa Rica, February 2016

“Thank you, we had such an amazing time on the trip. Cannot thank you enough for the incredible journey :)”

Alana and Rianna, Peru, December 2015